Value R32 Vac Pump 4CFM (113 l/min)

Product number: VI-240YR32


Product Group : Vacuum Pumps
Dual stage vacuum pump with an enclosed starter switch for safer use with flammable refrigerants. Anti-backflow Solenoid valve and built in vacuum gauge. Suitable for R32, 1234yf, R410a, R407C, R134a, R12, R22 refrigerants.Flow rate: 3.5 CFM (100 l/min)Partial pressure: 2x10-1 PaTotal pressure: 15 micronPower: 373 W (1/2 HP)Inlet port: 5/16" FlareOil capacity: 325 ml
General Information
Product Group : Vacuum Pumps
Net Weight : 11 kg
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