Danfoss EPR Valve KVP15 5/8" Solder (0-80psi)

Product number: 034L0029


Product Group : Pressure Reg - Danfoss

The KVP is mounted in the suction line after the evaporator and is used to:

  • Maintain a constant evaporating pressure and thereby a constant surface temperature on the evaporator. The regulation is modulating. By throttling in the suction line, the amount of refrigerant gas is matched to the evaporator load.
  • Protect against an evaporating pressure that is too low (e.g. as protection against freezing in a water chiller). The regulator closes when the pressure in the evaporator falls below the set value.
  • Differentiate between the evaporating pressures in two or more evaporators in systems with one compressor
General Information
Product Group : Pressure Reg - Danfoss Approval : C UL US LISTED, EAC, LLC CDC TYSK, RoHS, RoHS China
CV Value : 2.900 gal/min Equipment : Schrader valve access port
Type : KVP 15
Additional Info
Additional Info : Max. extern.bellow press.26bar Family : KVP
Capacity R134a
R134a Capacity : 2.80 kW
Capacity R22
R22 Capacity : 4.00 kW
Capacity R407C
R407C Capacity : 3.70 kW
Connection Size : 5/8" Connection Type : Solder, ODF
Inlet Connection Size : 5/8 in, 16.00 mm Inlet Type : Solder, ODF
Outlet Connection Size : 5/8 in, 16.00 mm Outlet Type : Solder, ODF
Kv Values
Kv Value : 2.500 m³/h
Logistical Information
Commodity Code : 84818059 Country Of Origin : POL
EAN : 5702428411813 Gross Weight : 0.384 kg
Net Weight : 0.33 kg Weight : 0.33 kg
Max Operating Pressure : 18.0 Bar Regulating Range : 0.0-5.5 Bar
Test Pressure : 19.8 Bar
Refrigerant : R22, R134a, R290, R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F, R407H, R422B, R422D, R448A, R449A, R449B, R450A, R452A, R454A, R454C, R455A, R507A, R513A, R515B, R516A, R600, R600a, R1234yf, R1234ze(E), R1270
Factory Setting : 2.00 Bar Max Temperature : 130 °C
Medium Temperature Range : -45-130 °C Min Temperature : -45 °C
Flow Direction Indicator : Engraved 1-way arrow
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AI249086497299en-001001-type-KVP.pdf Technical literature pdf 1.05 MB
Pressure-regulating-valve-types-KVP-KVL-KVR-KVD-KVC.pdf Installation Manual pdf 283.65 KB
Manufacturer-s-Declaration-Danfoss-MD-034R9541-AA.pdf Conformity Declaration pdf 1.04 MB
Manufacturer-s-Declaration-Danfoss-MD-034L9625-AC.pdf Conformity Declaration pdf 2.02 MB