Airstream is now part of the ACD Trade group.

Airstream specialise in the manufacture and distribution of duct and fittings for the airconditioning industry.  Based in Perth, Western Australia, with a local manufacturing facility; Airstream produce all residential AC sheet metal fitting and duct boards.


Integration with iZone Smart Climate Controllers

iZone Smart Climate Controllers gives you total temperature control of each room or zone individually. They can operate up to 14 zones on any one system and every room or zone can be at the temperature you want, all the time.

By providing cooling and heating only when and where you need it, iZone climate control systems maximise energy efficiency while reducing running costs.

iZone climate control systems are fully scalable, which means you can afford it on almost any budget.

    iZone Naked       iZone Nano       iZone Nexus      


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Contact Details 
Phone: 08 9418 6631
Address: 9 Geelong Court, Bibra Lake WA 6163

Office Hours
Monday – Friday 7.00am to 5.00pm

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About Airstream:

Airstream has been manufacturing and distributing a comprehensive range of high quality AC duct and fittings to Perth HVAC contractors for over 10 years. Airstream’s patented smart connection and zoning system not only reduces the installation time for ducted AC systems, but also increases system efficiency by eliminating air leakage. With local manufacturing capability including sheet metal and insulated duct board assembly, plus a comprehensive range of fittings and accessories, we can provide the right solution for your next installation.

From November 1, Airstream joins the ACD Trade group. Together ACD Trade and Airstream will give you “the power to compete” with our one stop shop solution for HVAC supplies.